Dog Show Collar - Not Just For Show!

The dog show collar can be used to train your dog to obey commands and get your dog ready for shows. Read the following article to find out what you need to know to get the proper collar.

The dog show collar also known as the Martingale is not just for show. It also makes an excellent training collar. The following article provides details.

The dog show collar, referred to as the Martingale is not only an excellent collar for show dogs it is the ideal training solution no matter what the circumstance.

The reason why this is so is due to the collar's two band styling. The collar portion fits around Rover's neck just below his or her ears.

This is where you will take the measurement if you wish to order a customized Martingale. Another band is stylized to hook around the first or collar section.

The second band when training is what makes it possible to pull the collar a bit snug around the dog's upper-neck region. This signals to the dog that he or she must obey the instruction or command.

Once the dog senses the relationship of the “pull” with the command, he or she is more likely to follow it, especially when it is issued on a regular and continual basis.

Once you resume walking the collar becomes looser and he realizes once he has time to digest the prior action that the tugging signals to him the importance of properly obeying instructions.

That said, you needn't worry about the gentle pull hurting your dog's neck since the collar portion is measured just below your dog's ears not the center of the neck.

In this way you may gently tug at him or her and the action will not have an effect on his or her throat.

Further, the Martingale comes in a variety of materials, designs and colors.

You can find inexpensive Martingales offering vibrancy and flair with regard to puppy neck wear located all over the Internet.

If you wish to have a terrific training solution, you'll want to look to the show collar or Martingale: it is the preferred choice of breeders and trainers worldwide!


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