Dog Sweaters - Do or Don't?

Dog sweaters - Do or don't. You may often think about this if you own a dog. Celebrities and little girls may enjoy dressing up their dogs, but maybe people would never think to put their dog in clothing. Is there ever a good time to put clothes on pets? This article will discuss the doggie clothing dilemma and why you may or may not want to purchase a sweater for your pooch.

When is it okay to put your dog in a sweater? Well, think about it, nobody likes to be cold and being cold can actually cause problems with your dog. They may not want to go outside to do their business because it's too cold. This is a time when you should get your dog a warm sweater or coat. You don't want your dog to be cold and uncomfortable, however they obviously need to go outside unless you're okay with them doing their business in the house. Also, if you're trying to save money on your heating bill by during down your thermostat, you need to think about your dog. The human members of your family may be fine wearing layers and staying under blankets, but your dog might be cold. A heated pet blanket may help, or a cozy sweater is another option.

Dogs with thin and short hair, small dogs, and older dogs are usually the prime candidates for dog sweaters. Not all dog breeds are meant for living in cold conditions. Older dogs tend to have weakened immune systems and can get cold and sick more easily.

When should a dog definitely not wear clothing? Obviously during warm weather it's best to avoid dog sweaters. Also, if you have a large breed dog or a dog with thick, long fur, a dog sweater should be avoided. Dogs can overheat and even have a heatstroke which can be fatal. If your dog is a breed that is from a colder climate they probably don't get cold easily. Their fur usually has multiple layers and is dense and long. Dogs have this type of fur to protect them from cold conditions.

If your dog needs a sweater, buy one that fits properly and is made out of a good material. You want your dog to be warm and comfortable. The sweater should be snug, not too tight, but not too loose. It will need to be washed so consider that when choosing between fabrics.

If your dog is shivering, look into buying it a sweater or two. If your dog is panting and never appears cold, then it's fur is enough.

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