How Dog Treadmills Keep Your Pet Healthy

This article aims to discuss the reason why dog treadmills may be the exercise contraptions that your dog has been waiting for.

The idea is quite laughable at first. Treadmills? For doggies? It’s almost as unfathomable as hair dryers for pups and maternity clothes for dams, right? However, hair dryers and maternity clothes for our canine companions do exist, and manufacturers of such products are, in fact, enjoying brisk business. So why not treadmills for dogs?

Indeed, the idea of such exercise machines for our dogs isn’t too far fetched. After all, dogs need as much exercise as humans, proportionately speaking of course. If humans can walk or run the 10,000 steps required per day with the help of treadmills as opposed to running around the track oval or walking around the suburbs, then dogs should likewise have the same choice.

Dog treadmills are the best exercise option for:

- Canines that live in urban areas where space for regular exercise is quite limited.

- Canines that live with very busy owners.

- Pregnant dogs that need regular exercise without being exposed to environmental hazards that may imperil their state of pregnancy.

- Injured canines that need limited and controlled rehab time.

- Canines living in environments where climatic conditions make outdoor workouts very dangerous or impossible.

- Canines who need to walk or jog to correct faults in movement.

These dog-powered treadmills, however, are not only for the situations enumerated above. They are for each and every kind of dog in each and every kind of environment. Treadmills foster dog exercise, leading to good pet health and amazing dog fitness. One sales rep from a highly established mall said it best: "if you can afford a treadmill for your dog, buy him one! He deserves it!"

When choosing a treadmill, you should select one that will accommodate the size of your dog. Engine power isn’t important (1.4 horsepower is pretty much the standard for this type of dog health equipment). Weight limit is not an issue. But the length and width of the dog walker may pose some problems. Smaller dogs need smaller sized dog walkers to help them keep their focus while exercising, as wider walkers will just invite them to wander.

Bigger breeds require wider walkers. They will also require longer walkers that will be able to fit their gait. Some canine treadmills, like those manufactured by the Jog A Dog brand, have adjustable wired segregators that dog owners can adjust to accommodate the size of their dogs.

Just like treadmills for dog owners, dog treadmills come in two varieties: manual and mechanized. Manual treadmills are dog-powered, meaning, the tread mat will move only when the dog moves. Indeed, this may not be the best choice for lazy dogs and lazy breeds.

Mechanized treadmills, on the other hand, are engine-powered. The dog owner can set the speed, and a dog placed on the tread mat will usually walk or run to keep up with the engine. This type of canine treadmill is highly recommended for most dog breeds.

A fit dog is a healthy dog, and treadmills for our beloved K-9 pets are a great option to ensure regular exercise for these beloved members of our families.


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