What is different about a dog walker treadmill?

Can a dog walker treadmill help your canine sustain a healthy life? What does the vet recommend as the best exercise?

Many people have turned to pets for companionship in their later years or have grown up with the family dog and never pay much attention unless the dog gets sick or injured.

As a dog ages his diet needs to change or you are going to end up with more Spot than you wanted on your hands. Maybe it is time to use a dog walker treadmill. Do not laugh.

There are places in more affluent areas that cater to exercising pets to help them lose weight. If you do not regularly exercise your pet as they age you will find that they can put on weight just the way you do.

And just like humans it is just as difficult to keep the weight off once your dog loses their excess pounds unless they have a regular exercise regimen.

You may take your dog to the vet and he will put your dog on a special diet to help him lose weight and reduce the wear and tear on his joints as he ages.

In addition you can be sure that the vet will suggest a great deal of exercise, but if your pet has low physical activity level you will need to look at only walking the dog and not making him run to much.

A dog walker treadmill or one that has a low starting pace is suggested for dogs that do not have a high activity level or for much older dogs so as to not stress their hearts and joints when first starting out and exercising.

There are several companies that offer treadmills in both motorized and pet powered models.

If you are concerned about cost Grand Carpet Mills make furniture quality dog walker treadmill models that you will need to assemble but are shipped via UPS (much lower shipping costs than any other company) and start at $350 and top out at $395 for the large breed model.

These models are powered by the dog so that you can start at a walking pace and progress as your dog builds up endurance and speed.

Dogtrotter.net offers pet powered treadmills as well but they come fully assembled out of high quality metal materials and start at over $1200.

If you plan on training your dog over time for competition, hunting or other activities you still need to start out walking your dog until they get used to running on a treadmill.


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