Doggie Clothing and its Advantages

Let's talk about doggie clothing and its advantages. You've seen it, a dog in a sweater, maybe even a dog wearing boots. Some people love to dress their pets in clothing, while others think it's bizarre. So, what's the deal with dog clothes, do our canine friends really need clothes? Continue reading to find out if clothes can sometimes be a good idea.

Many dog owners think that their dogs are warm enough during winter because they have fur. Plus, you may be afraid to put clothes on your dog because your family or neighbors don't dress their dogs and may think you are strange. However, even though dogs have fur you should keep in mind that your dog could still get cold and clothing could help. Not all dog fur is created equal. It depends on what breed of dog you have, but your pooch may actually have lighter fur that is not suited for cold climates.

Yes, you could only allow your dog out in the cold for very short amount of time, however long walks are vital for a dog to get exercise and keep in shape. Some dogs may get too cold and refuse to go outside in the snow which may lead to accidents in the house. You may not want to dress your dog is silly Halloween costumes or get it boots, hats, etc., but for some dogs a simple doggie coat or sweater can make them warmer and more comfortable. Would you rather fight with your dog to go outside or just put a sweater on your pooch? Would you allow your dog to gain weight due to lack of exercise when you could just put warm clothing on it for walks?

Some people may go overboard with dressing dogs, you don't need anything expensive with a designer name on it. Many pet stores sell coats or sweaters for dogs of all sizes.

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