Dogs, Dry Skin and Treating It

Let's talk about dogs, dry skin and treating it. Moisture and temperature changes that we deal with during the winter can dry out skin. This is true for humans and pets. This article will discuss dry skin in dogs, what causes it and how you can treat it.

While winter is the most common time of year for pets and their owners to experience dry skin, it can occur during any season. Other things that can cause skin issues in pets include allergies, molds, dust mites, parasites, nutritional imbalances, and other underlying health issues. If your dog has constant skin issues you can take them to a veterinarian. A vet can determine the cause and you can probably treat it with changes in living conditions, medications, or shampoos.

Sometimes simply grooming your dog can help with dry skin issues. If you brush your dog it removes the build up if dead skin and hair. When you remove these things it allows the skin to repair itself. If you give your dog baths too frequently you may be to blame for its dry skin. Only bath dogs when necessary and when you need to bathe your dog use moisturizing shampoo for sensitive skin to help prevent drying out the animal's skin and fur.

If your house is just too dry or low in humidity and your whole family feels dried out, try a humidifier. A humidifier can sometimes help with allergies as well. If your dog is healthy and simply has dandruff there are special dog shampoos available, similar to dandruff shampoos for humans.

If your dog appears to have a skin issue and can't stop scratching you need to seek treatment immediately. Dogs may actually scratch themselves excessively and damage their skin. This can lead to a bacterial infection on top of whatever caused the itchy skin to begin with.

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