Dogs Eating Poo - Learn How To Fix This Problem

Many dogs eating poo these days really make people stop and think. Are they sick or just trying to get attention. Its really a combination but understanding why will help you fix the problem fast.

When a person notices dogs eating poo this is surely an unpleasant and often disgusting view, but for the owners this is a much graver issue.

You should keep in mind that in the majority of cases there is quite a normal reason for this behavior scientifically called coprophagia, although this does not mean that it is natural.

Usually you should be able to deal with the problem on your own as long as you are certain about what has caused it.

Still, rarely the eating of feces is due to a compulsive obsessive disorder.

Finding out why your dog is having this repulsive habit might not be as difficult as you think, but in any case this step is essential for curing the pup.

Usually dogs eating poo lack essential vitamins and minerals in their diet or the nutrition is simply way too rich in fat and lacks enough fiber.

The problem may also occur due to overeating and poor digestion that may cause the poop to smell just like the food your pet normally consumes.

The solution here is simple – you need to give your dog nutritional supplements and healthier food in optimal portions.

There are special products for dogs that are rich in fiber and you can readily feed your pet with them.

You should keep the area in which the pup lives very clean especially if its home is outdoors.

Just like us animals want to be in a clean place and when they are forced to do the cleaning themselves they will do it at all costs.

So, you might want to devote some more effort in making your pet feel better and teach it not to eat feces.

Dogs eating poo should be trained not to do it. The method is easy to implement, but it might take some time before it has an effect.

You have to keep an eye on your pup and pull it when it goes to do its bad habit. You can also use slapping, but you should not get carried away.

It is also possible to make the poop repellent for your dog in order to teach it to keep away from feces.

You can put some chilly pepper on top, but the effect will be much better if you feed you feed it with some spinach, pumpkin or pineapple.

When processed these foods will disgust your pup and make it stop eating feces.


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