Dogs Scraping Ground After Peeing

Wondering why are dogs scraping ground after peeing?

There are probably quite a few things that your dog does that leaves you wondering why. One of those things is probably scraping the ground behind them after peeing. This article will explain why your dog does this and what is means.

Dogs of both sexes may kick and scrape the ground with their hind legs after peeing or defecating and it's completely normal. The main reasons that dogs do this is actually because they are descended from wolves. This behavior is not a habit, it is actually a dogs instinct.

Why would a dog have an instinct to scrape up your lawn after going to the bathroom? It may seem strange, but when you know the reason for it, it's not so strange anymore. The reason dogs do this is that it is a message to other dogs. A dog's urine and feces has its own scent. A dog's paws also have scent glands. So after a dog does its business it has left some of its scent, but it then scrape the ground to add scent from the scent glands in its paws. In a sense, the dog is doubling up on the scent it leaves.

So, what does a dog's scent have to do with anything? Well, as you probably already know, dogs have great sense of smell. Dogs leave these spots of scent, feces, and urine as a way to mark their territory. The scraping not only leave scent it also leaves a visible marking of the territory which sometimes lasts longer than just the scent. Dogs are known for marking their territory, it tells other dogs to stay away.

Many dogs also mark their territory by relieving themselves in multiple places around your yard, as if to mark the boundaries of their territory. If you take your dog somewhere that has the scent of another dog, they will most likely mark their territory to prove dominance.

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