Don't Let Your Dog Get Fat During Winter

Don't let your dog get fat during the winter. Your probably don't even realize or think about it, but during the colder months your dog isn't getting as much exercise as during the warmer months. This can obviously lead to some weight gain during the winter. Not sure how you can prevent this? This article will offer tips on how to keep your dog in shape during the winter. Just makes sure your dog isn't outside too long in the cold. Even with fur they can get cold too.

Most dogs actually enjoy snow kind of like children. If you have kids this can work out well. If you all have a snow day, don't forget to take your dog outside with you. If you don't have kids, take your dog outside in the snow anyways. Simply let your dog run around in your yard or a field of fresh snow. They will run around and stick their nose in it. If you take your dog to the park during the summer, why not do it during winter too. You can take your dog to the park and go on a nice walk and enjoy the beautiful landscape covered in snow. You can even take your dog to the park's playground and let it go down the slide. The playground won't be packed with kids and your dog will love sliding down in the snow.

If you go sledding and have a small dog, put it on the sled with you and go down the hill. Some dogs may be afraid of this, but if you know your pooch is fearless and won't freak out and scratch you then do it. Just sit it on your lap, hold on to it and go sledding. If you have a large breed dog, they may be able to pull a sled around. This can be a lot of fun for a large dog and a child that isn't heavy on the sled.

During the winter you can still play outside with your dog. A game of Frisbee works in winter just like it does during the spring or summer. It's perfect to do if it's cold, but there is no snow to play in. If there is snow, you don't have to go sledding, you can do something simple like hide your dog's toy under snow and let it look for it.

Make sure you still go on nice long walks with your dog. During the cold seasons you will be tempted to just let your dog outside by itself quick to do its business, but nothing beats a walk. Daily walks are the best way to keep a dog in shape all year round. During the winter, you will just have to bundle up with a hat, scarf, boots, and gloves. Your dog might be able to use a doggie sweater too.

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