Egg Binding and Dystocia in Female Reptiles

Let's talk about egg binding and dystocia in female reptiles. If you have a female reptile they are health issues that you need to be aware of.

Female reptiles sometimes experience egg binding and Dystocia. Egg Binding is when a female reptile has problems passing an egg. Dystocia is when reptiles that give live birth have difficulty doing so.

Female reptiles that lay eggs, can product eggs without a male. If a female produces an egg and has an illness or is suffering from malnutrition she may experience egg binding. Symptoms of egg binding and Dystocia include restlessness and repeated digging. They may also become lethargic. Other things that can cause egg binding include pelvis injury, improper environment temperature, weak muscles, misshapen eggs, large eggs, and lack of nesting site.

Reptiles can experience pelvic injuries or they can just have disorders that cause the passageway for eggs or young to narrow, therefore causing difficulties.  

Improper temperatures in a reptile's tank and also improper humidity levels can also affect the birth or egg-laying process. Many pet owner doesn't realize that wrong temperatures and humidity can cause various problems in reptiles.

Females that have history of difficulties with delivering young or laying eggs, are prone to these difficulties so it's important to do things to prevent these issues in the future. This can be done by making sure they have the proper environment which means enough room for physical activity, proper temperatures and humidity levels as well as nesting sites. A healthy diet can also help.

If you believe that your female reptile is experiencing egg binding or Dystocia you can take them to a veterinarian who can perform exams, tests, ultrasounds, etc. A vet may be able to help to determine exactly why your reptile experiences these issues.

If your reptile is becoming stressed and the Dystocia is becoming life-threatening the vet will be able to help the birthing process. Collapsing an use or surgery are sometimes required with egg binding.