Elevated Pet Food Dishes A Must For All Dogs

This article aims to provide 3 fantastic reasons why every dog owner should seriously consider buying one of the many elevated pet food dishes available in the market today.

At first glance, it will be easy for a pet owner to dismiss these raised feeders as unnecessary contraptions. After all, they perform the same function as conventional dog dishes, albeit, elevating the bowl a few inches above the ground.

Where’s the sense in that, right?

Well, elevated pet food dishes actually serve far more benefits that normal dog bowls that are merely laid on the floor. These raised dog dishes are actually scientifically engineered to provide utmost convenience and absolutely safety for our pets. Additionally, they also make dog owning such a fun and classy undertaking.

Take a look at 3 reasons why these elevated pet bowls are worth investing on.

1. These elevated pet food dishes make it easier for your pet to reach their food. The idea is to reduce the amount of stress on their rotator caps and their back when they bend over to eat. If the dog dish is laid on the ground and your dog is, say, a Labrador Golden Retriever or even a Great Dane, then he’d have to either extend his head too much to reach the dish or he has to lie on his tummy to feed on the same. Either way, these positions may not be healthy for your pet. Back strain may lead to serious spinal damage. Feeding while he’s flat on his tummy may lead to some big time digestive problems. No dog owner would want these to happen.

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2. Elevated pet food dishes simply look amazingly elegant. In fact, a lot of these products are designed with aesthetic value in mind. Some of them may perfectly complement your carefully laid dining room interiors. Some of them may even be the centerpiece of the dining room! From raised feeders made from beautiful dark wood by companies like Castlemere, to the modern sensibilities of stainless steel bowls supported by acrylic bases by companies like Art Deco, to porcelain and wire combinations for a more Eastern feel courtesy of companies like Artie’s Paws, a dog owner is sure to find fantastic and exciting designs for elevated feeders that will perfect for his dog and for his household.

3. Elevated pet food dishes are a way of pampering your dog, and dogs love the feeling of being pampered. Simply picture the idea of having one of these raised feeders near the dining table. Your dog is sure to feel like he’s really a member of the family, with an elevated table of his own. Providing our dogs with such luxuries is a form of pampering that is just as efficiently expressive as cuddling and playing with our canine companions.

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