Fat Pets

Do you have fat pets?

You may think your dog or cat looks extra cute when its pudgy but it isn't good for their health. Obesity in pets is a problem in America, just like obesity in humans. Your pet is weighed at every veterinarian check up, and your vet will tell you if your pet could lose some weight. This article will explain the importance of getting an overweight pet to lose weight.

Just like in humans, pets can experience various health problems. Obesity in pets can cause heart problems as well as things like arthritis because of the extra pressure on joints. In order for pets to remain healthy and live a long, happy life, they need to be at a healthy weight. As the pet owner you are the one that provides meals so it is up to you to start your pet's diet.

A healthy dog doesn't even have to eat everyday so think about that if you are feeling bad about putting your pooch on a diet. If you have a cat, you will want to keep in touch with your veterinarian because cats have high metabolism and its more complicated for them to diet.

Start your pets diet by weighing them of course. You can't measure their results unless you know how much they weight. Then, reduce the treats you give them and also try to not give them food from your plate, or any of your leftovers. Also, look at the ingredients on your pet's food. If the first ingredient isn't meat or the food contains a lot of grain and fillers then you should consider to switching to a new brand. Many of the organic pet foods are the most healthy. You may even be able to find a pet food formulated for dieting pets.

Once you are feeding your pet a healthy food you should also reduce the portions by one-third. Try this for two weeks and then see if your pet has lost any weight.

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