Female Dogs with Maternal Behavior Issues

Let's discuss about female dogs with maternal behavior issues.Your dog has just had puppies and you are excited. However, your dog doesn't seem to be interested in her own babies. This is surprising and many dog owners don't know what to do. This article will discuss maternal behavior problems in dogs.

There are different kinds of maternal behavior problems in pets. One is excessive mothering while another is the lack of maternal behavior. Excessive maternal behavior can actually occur when a female dog doesn't even have puppies. Your dog may try to nurse puppies that aren't hers or be defensive and guard things like stuffed animals.

An absence of maternal behavior in dogs is usually shocking to the dog's owner. How can a mother ignore her puppies and abandon them? Unfortunately this happens. Absence of maternal behavior may include abandoning the puppies, not cleaning the young, not allowing puppies to nurse, and in some cases even attacking or killing some of the puppies.

This type of behavior may be disturbing. You want your dog to care for their puppies and help them grow to be strong and healthy. However, you need to keep the puppies safe and you probably didn't expect mothering issues. You should take your female dog to the veterinarian if you notice any maternal behavior issues.

These conditions are behavioral issues but they are often the result of chemical and hormone imbalances.  Medical treatment may be available, but in some cases, management and care are the only things that you can do.

Aggressive mothers may have to be separated from the puppies or muzzled. Keeping the mother dog and her puppies in a comfortable place in your home where they aren't disturbed can also help. Your veterinarian can help you figure out the right treatment option for your dog and her puppies.

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