Fight Cat Allergies In Your Home

Fight cat allergies in your home! Nobody likes to sneeze, have itchy watery eyes, and all the other symptoms that go along with allergies. Every time your friend tries to come over your house that's what they go through because they are allergic to your cat. Is there anything that can be done to improve this unpleasant situation?

Yes, there is and it doesn't involve getting rid of your cat either! Whenever anybody that is allergic to cats is coming over your house, you will have to do most of the work. It will involve a lot of cleaning. If you don't have time to clean your whole house focus on cleaning just your living room and kitchen or wherever you and your guests can spend time together comfortably. Close doors that go to rooms where you didn't clean and keep your cat confined to an area away from the person with allergies.

When cleaning focus on cleaning all the cat fur. Most people are allergic to the cat's fur, dander, or saliva. Most of the time a cat's fur actually contains dander and saliva. Vacuum thoroughly and wipe down any surfaces. Vacuum your furniture thoroughly too. If you have rugs or curtains that may have hair on them, shake them out or through them in your washer.

An air purifier can be a great allergen-removing tool to have in your home. Not only can it help your friends that have cat allergies, it can also help make the air in your home cleaner for you. It removes dust, allergens and other impurities for cleaner breathing air. You may even be able to notice the difference. Some air purifiers are expensive, but you can find others that are reasonably priced and will do their job.

If your friend with allergies doesn't take any medication they probably should. They can even try some over the counter ones that can at least take just when they are visiting you. It's worth a try.

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