Fighting for Sleep Against Your Dog?

Are you fighting for sleep against your dog?

Nobody enjoys when somebody messes with their sleep. You have a busy life and need your rest, but your dog has other plans. This article will discuss the different ways that dogs keep their owners awake at night and how you can handle these problems.

Does your dog just want to play at night or cuddle? Does it seem kind of lonely because you work a lot? Some people actually get a second dog. This isn't a good idea for everyone. If you can't take care of one dog, you shouldn't add a second one. However, if you can feed, walk, and play with your dog, they just seem to want even more then maybe they do need a friend. Introducing a new dog into the household can be difficult, but if both are friendly they could become the best of friends and give each other the extra cuddling and play that they need.

If your dog is very happy, but just seems to have too much energy at night then it probably needs more exercise. Many dog owners forget the importance of a good lengthy walk and just let their dogs outside to do their business and then make them come back inside. Dogs need walks to do their business, but also for exercise. Many breeds are very energetic and if they sit in the house all day, they are still bursting with energy at night when you are trying to sleep. When a dog is awake at night they can get into trouble, or wake you up when they bark at everything. Instead of going to the gym go for runs with your dog every day. Try hiring a dog walker during the day if you need to. Otherwise try doing a walk in the morning. A walk when you get home from work and then another little walk right before you and your pooch want to go to sleep.

If you don't allow your dog in your bedroom at night and they whine, bark or scratch at the door, they may have separation anxiety. You can let them in your room or talk to your veterinarian about the anxiety. If you already do let your dog sleep in not only your room, but your bed and they are making it impossible to get sleep them you need to establish some new rules and start training. Get your dog a crate and/or dog bed on the floor. It can be in your room, just make sure they stay out of your bed.

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