Finding A Dog Breeder

Let's discuss about finding a dog breeder. You probably thought deciding on a type of dog was difficult, but after you decide on a breed it is just as difficult to choose a breeder. How do you go about finding a quality dog breeder? This article will help to explain how.

All future new dog owners want a quality breeder that is reputable. You probably also want them to be ethical and have reasonable costs. You may also be looking for a breeder near you to avoid the dog having to be shipped a long distance.

First, go online and make a list of breeders that have the breed you want. Next, you can even ask co-workers, friends, and family members if they know of any breeders, good or bad. If a breeder is bad you want to know so you can cross them off your list. If you have another pet or already have one dog ask your veterinarian if they know of any breeders. You can also speak with dog societies to see if they can refer you to any reputable dog breeders.

Next, you should have narrowed down your list by speaking with people or by searching for breeder reviews online. Create a list of questions you want to ask breeders. Ask about how they prevent genetic defects in their breeding and if they can guarantee their dogs have no defects. Ask if they are registered, if their dogs have documentation. You can also ask for some references and any other questions that you can think of. If you can't physically go to the breeder make sure they can provide you with a lot of photos of dogs and proof that they are a legitimate, registered breeders whose dogs have proof of pedigree.

After speaking to a few breeders and hearing their answers you probably could have narrowed your list down further. Use reviews, your gut, your conversation with the breeders, their prices and location, to make your decision.

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