Fish and Gas Bubble Disease

Let's talk about fish and gas bubble disease.

Gas Bubble Disease can be fatal for fish and it can easily be prevented, but many people aren't aware of it. This health issue is not simply caused by air bubbles in water as some people may think. This article can help fish owners understand gas bubble disease and how to prevent it.

If there is a sudden rise in pressure or temperature in a fish's tank, they can develop gas bubble disease. Their blood streams become saturated with gases and small gas bubbles form in their fins, gills, and eyes. Gas bubble disease damages a fish's tissue and if it goes unnoticed or untreated a fish can die.

Fish are cold-blooded and their environment really affects their body. When cold water is heated, gases can actually get trapped in the water. This is how a fish gets saturated with gases.

If a fish has gas bubble disease you may notice actual bubbles under their scales or in their eyes. Fish with gas bubble disease often act strangely, which is a sign of an internal problem.

You can slowly heat water and add it to an aquarium to prevent your fish from getting gas bubble disease. Also, make sure your aquarium pump is fully submersed and not sucking in air. If you have a fish pond, spray the water from a hose into the pond so the gases are released into the air and not trapped in the water and potentially harming your fish. 

If you didn't manage to prevent gas bubble disease you can stir your fish' water to help get rid of some of the gas in the water. Not too much can be done for the actual fish. However, you can turn aquarium lights off to minimize stress and treat fish with an antibiotic to prevent any secondary infections.

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