Fluid in the Abdomen of Ferrets

Let's talk about fluid in the abdomen of ferrets.

Ferrets can be really fun pets however if they are suffering from fluid in their abdomen your beloved pet will not be very happy. This article will focus on the condition ascites in ferrets and how ferret owners can treat it.

What exactly is ascites? It is sometimes referred to as abdominal effusion. It is when fluid builds up in a ferrets abdomen. Various things can cause this condition. Some causes include obstruction of veins or heart valves, heart failure, kidney disease, and electrolyte imbalances.

Ascites is a disorder that affects a lot of a ferret's body. In fact, it can affect a ferret's kidneys, bladder, cardiovascular system as well as gastrointestinal and immune systems. Since it can compromise so many parts of a ferret's body, immediate medical attention and treatment is important for recovery.

Symptoms of this condition in ferrets include discomfort, loss of appetite, lethargy, bloating, and weight gain. If you notice any of these symptoms take your pet ferret to the veterinarian. There are too many different causes of this disorder and therefore there are various treatments. Your veterinarian will have to run tests to get the proper diagnosis and therefore know the right treatment option.

Your veterinarian will most likely need to remove some of the fluid that has built up in your ferret's abdomen. Ultrasounds, x-rays, and urine tests are also tests that your veterinarian may do. Depending on the underlying cause that is discovered, treatment will vary. A ferret with ascites may need medication or it may require surgery. Ferrets may actually need to be on medication for quite some time as well as need to go back to the veterinarian for follow ups.

Ascites is a disorder that can't really be prevented since there are so many different things that can actually cause it.

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