Fungal Diseases In Reptiles

There a various types of fungal diseases in reptiles that can greatly affect a its body and even cause death. Knowing what causes fungal diseases can help you prevent your pet from getting one.

Depending on the type of fungi, a reptile can get various diseases that can affect more than one organ. There are fungal infections that affect kidneys, liver, skin, and other parts of a reptile's body. Many of these diseases can be terminal, but if noticed and treated early it is possible for a reptile to recover.

The most common symptoms of any fungal disease are loss of appetite, weight loss, abnormal behavior, and lethargy. Depending on the specific disease reptile's may also have trouble breathing, internal sores, and abnormal skin conditions. 

There are many different causes for fungal infections, but a lot of them involved poor care. Reasons for fungal diseases in reptiles include improper diet, poor living conditions, low environment temperature, improper humidity levels, stress, and injury. Fungal infections can also occur if a reptile already has another disease or illness.

Know that you know the causes, you can help prevent fungal diseases. Many pet owners are actually misinformed when it comes to a proper diet. Commercial pet food doesn't always contain all the things a pet needs to have great health. A well balanced diet can prevent fungal diseases and many other illnesses. Reptiles also need their environment to be the right temperature and have the right humidity. If you're not sure of the right ones then consult a vet or reptile expert.

If your reptiles develops a fungal diseases it needs immediate medical attention. A veterinarian can prescribe antifungal medication and sometimes surgery may be needed. There aren't any promises when treating a reptile for a fungal, many reptiles don't recover which is why prevention is so important.

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