Fungal Infections in Fish

Let's talk about fungal infections in fish. Fungal infections are a health problem that affect fish. Fungal infections are . Some fungal infections are fairly common in fish while others are more rare. Fungal infections are horrible, they can lead to problems with their liver, kidney, brain and may result in death.

There are different types of fungal infections in fish. Saprolegnia and Achyla are both common fungal infections that can infect fish and their eggs. Saprolegnia's symptoms include gray cotton-looking growths on body of fish. The growths can even appear on a fish's fins, gill, and it eyes too. This fungal infection affect the fish's tissues and organs.

Ichthyophonus fungus usually affects older aquarium fish. This type of fungal infection isn't common and it very unlikely to infect your fish if you have young fish that don't eat raw food. This fungal infection appears as black growths on a fish and may also cause ulcers and cysts that cause the infected fish to swim in circles. Keeping an aquarium clean and avoiding raw food can help prevent this fungal infection.

Branchiomyces is another uncommon fungus, but it does sometimes infect fish and cause gill rot. Fish with this type of fungal infection usually have a mucus over their gills and they gasp for air. If not treated fish will probably die.

To prevent fungal infections from harming any or all of your fish, frequently clean the aquarium water. Avoid giving raw fish and try to remove any uneaten food. There are water treatments available for fish that are infected by fungal infections. Infected fish should always be separated from healthy fish to avoid infections from spreading.

If you're not sure exactly what type of infection is harming your fish, contact a vet or pet professional. They should be able to help you and recommend treatments.  


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