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Cats are clowns, and many funny cat quotes are possible because of this. They may not look literally like clowns but they can invoke great laughter. Of course, that would depend on how people would look at the cat or how people makes use of cats to spice up jokes.

Playful as they can be, sometimes, merely watching cats do their own thing will surely make you smile, laugh, or choke out in laughter. Cats are very loveable creatures; that is why it is always easy to associate them with fun and laughter.

Many popular fiction and animated characters are cats. Look at how people adore Garfield and Felix the Cat through all these years. These cartoon characters are always used as comic relief in comics, in animated series and even in movies.

Literature would not be left behind in terms of using the loveable cats to invoke laughter. In the novel "Alice in Wonderland," author Lewis Caroll created a loveable creature that often arouses annoyance to Alice, but laughter to readers.

Caroll created the Cheshire cat and written a number of scenes where Alice is taking a conversation with the cat. The cat is so funny that almost all the statements it said were not logical, but analysis would find them profound.

Cheshire cat has produced so many funny quotes that readers are always thrilled to read a conversation between Alice and the cat. The cat even disappears abruptly, except for its grinning mouth, that shows laughter as the cat tries to fool Alice, who is lost in Wonderland.

Funny Cat Quotes

As much as there are many funny fictional cat characters in various novels, movies and comics, there are also many funny cat quotes that have been circulating for quite some time. Proverbs have been using cats to infuse a metaphorical interest to ideas.

Literature has been using cats to spice up statements and raise valid points to the delight of the readers. Through the years and at many novels and stories, cats have been made part of the plots. There are also many statements mentioning the word cat in different lights.

Because cats are adorable and people could easily relate to the animals' attributes, many funny quotes are involving cats. People have always embraced these cat quotes with much warmth and pleasure.

That is why funny cat quotes have evolved and continued circulating through the years. Here are some of those funny quotes to begin with.

Writer Nan Porte once said that if cats could ever learn how to talk, they probably would choose not to say anything. That is because cats witness a lot of bizarre activities of people, that their lives would be put in danger if they tell these dark secrets to anyone.

An English proverb says that in the eyes of cats, all the things around are all belonging to them. That describes the obvious character of cats—they are selfish, self-pampering and idle.

Faith Resnick once threatened people who hate cats. She said, "Those who hate cats would surely be reincarnated as mice in the next life." People choked to that line, while some considered the validity.

Louis Wain said that cats' intelligence is underrated. So people have always regarded cats as intelligent creatures? Makes sense.

Modern cats are so exposed to much luxuries. Several cat breeds are too adorable that their owners treat them like royalties. That might have triggered a famous funny cat quote by an anonymous writer that says that dogs probably think they are human; but cats, oh, boy, they think they are God.

A Norwegian proverb is very profound to say that feeding a single cat is far better than feeding a number of mice. Can you tell how that is? Mickey Mouse might not agree, but it sure makes sense, right?

Indian proverbs have their own share of cat-quoting. An Indian proverb says that cats are lions in their own lair. Cats as villains? Many movies and comic series have done that style, making up for funny instances and plots.

Finally, in establishing similarities between a man and a cat, Willian S. Landor once said that cats and men are alike because both are flatters. Funny, isn't it? But come to think of it, the quote is strikingly truthful.

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