Get Rid of Your Pet's Sad Eyes

Do you want to get rid of your pet's sad eyes? Has your pet ever looked sad, sick, or old because of the stained marks under their eyes. It kind of has the same effects as dark circles and bags have on people. If you want to help your pet look more like their happy, young self then you need to read this article. The following are steps you can take to get rid of your pet's tear stains.

1. Take your pet to the veterinarian. You want to make sure they aren't suffering from some type of eye disease. Also, if your pet has something like a blocked tear duct, your vet can fix the problem and prevent staining. Why spend every day cleaning your pet's eyes if the problem could be fixed by your veterinarian. Sometimes the causes of tear stains cannot be permanently corrected and it will reoccur.

2. Take your pet to the groomer. A groomer may know safe products to use that can remove the staining. They may also be able to trim the fur under the eyes to reduce the staining that occurs. Talk to your groomer and make sure they are careful around your pet's eyes and careful about the products that they use.

3. Using one cotton ball per eye soaked in warm water, clean your pet's tear stained area. Do this twice a day. Then, dab a little Vaseline on the area in an attempt to prevent staining. You can also look into wipes or pet products made for cleaning fur or tear stains.

4. Try changing your pet's diet if nothing is working. Consult with your vet first, but changing your pet's diet may help uncover a food allergy. Probiotics have also been believed to help with tear staining. Although these supplements are meant for intestinal health they may be able to help your pet's tear staining. Once again, ask your veterinarian.

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