Go Green With Your New Pet

Let's discuss how to go green with your new pet. Are you thinking about getting a pet? There are different ways you can go about getting a new pet, but how about going green? This article will explain ways you can get a new pet, go green, and save money all at the same time.

First, adopt your pet from a shelter. The pet will be spayed or neutering which is an effort to stop overpopulating. Adopting a pet also prevents it from being euthanized.

Next, when buying pet products look for items that use recycled materials. Also, buy items in packaging made from eco-friendly materials like biodegradable cardboard. Support green companies so more companies join the green movement. Also, try buying things like pet food in bulk. You will drive to the pet store less often and use less packaging materials.

There's no need to really buy any pet toys when at the pet store either. Dogs can play with sticks instead of Frisbees. Cats can enjoy homegrown catnip, or beads in an empty prescription bottle. For hamsters or mice, give them tissue boxes or toilet paper rolls.

Instead of buying your new pet an expensive bed made from man-made materials, purchase one made from natural fibers such as organic cotton. Or to really be green and completely save your money you can create a comfortable bed from a box and old blankets or sheets that you have sitting in your closet.

When you're done with your newspapers, don't throw them in the trash. Recycle them or donate them to your local shelter. Your newspapers can be used as cage lining for pets that are in the same position that your adopted pet once was.

Also, make sure that you go green with none pet-related things. Drive less, recycle soda cans, conserve, water, and do whatever you can to be more green.

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