If You Have Trouble Brushing Your Dogs Teeth, Let A Greenie Do The Job For You!

This article will give you guidance and direction on how to give your dog a Greenies dog treat and their benefits to your pet.

Poor dental health can be a big problem for dogs. Their small mouths and sharp incisors can make it difficult for owners to brush their pets' teeth. The canine diet is loaded with proteins and amino acids, which can cause bad breath if food is left stuck in the mouth. Canine tartar poses the same problems for dogs as it does for humans. Tartar causes gums to swell, and can cause infections to spread to nearby bones and organs.

Dentists also have to deal with overactive dogs, and dogs that are uncomfortable with the teeth brushing process. Dogs are sedated before their teeth are brushed, which can be dangerous if done too frequently. As a result, chews made out of hide were introduced to the pet care market. Dogs have to chew for long periods of time when they are given hide, a process which should clean their teeth and control their tartar.

Hide chews, however, did little to control bad breath. To combat this problem, and still allow dogs to be healthy, S&M NuTec began producing and promoting chewable Greenies treats.

Greenies dog treats were a success! They, in fact, became the first treats for dogs to receive the United States' Veterinary Oral Health Council's (VOHC) Seal of Acceptance. Greenies are small, almost bite-sized dog treats, which are shaped like green toothbrushes, and are made primarily of wheat gluten. Greenies dog treats were marketed as an alternative to rawhide chews, or other similar products which promised to remove excess food from a dog's mouth. Greenies dog treats promised to keep dogs' gums and teeth healthy, control the infamous "doggie breath," and still be safe and healthy. Indeed, Greenies dog treats were marketed as the nutritious alternative to hide chews.

However, a few years ago, an email began circulating about the supposed dangers of Greenies dog treats. The letter writer had witnessed a show dog vomiting, and, upon examining the vomit, found green materials, with the consistency of rubber. The letter writer then notified the owner, who said that he had fed the dog Greenies dog treats earlier that day.

To support the claim, the letter writer and his friend decided to perform an experiment. They soaked Greenies dog treats in water overnight, and reportedly found that the treats were green, rubber-like, and apparently indigestible the next morning. The email and its content made a great impact. Major networks in Seattle, Washington, and even the Cable News Network (CNN) provided coverage on the findings.

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How true are the allegations against Greenies dog treats? S&M NuTec answered the charges by posting a press release, where they reiterated their stance on better dog health. They restated the dangers of gum disease in dogs, and how Greenies dog treats were helping pet owners take better care of their pets. They, moreover, relayed their experimental results: Greenies dog treats were found to be digestible, and were designed to be chewed to smaller portions. If the dog treats were swallowed whole, then their digestion period would be extended, and the dog would suffer the same consequences as though it had swallowed whole pieces of meat.

If you are concerned about Greenies dog treats and your pet, all you need to do is follow product instructions. In particular, note the following:

•Read the labels on all your dog foods and treats before you feed them to your pet. Follow the guidelines accordingly, as feeding guidelines are important when you determine how and when you should give your pet the treats. If possible, visit the company's website to access feeding instructions, product statistics, and testimonials.

•Monitor your dog's progress closely. If you think that your dog may be allergic to some pet treats, then withdraw feeding immediately.

•Greenies dog treats are classified according to dog size and weight. Feed your dog only the Greenies dog treats that correspond to its size and weight category. Not all Greenies dog treats are appropriate for all dogs. If your dog tends to swallow or drink everything that it is fed, if your dog is too small or too young, or if your dog has weak teeth, then you may want to consider other alternatives.

Greenies dog treats, like other pet care products and pet foods, have to be used appropriately. If you are not sure whether Greenies dog treats are safe for your dog, then consult with your veterinarian. Your dog is one of your best friends, and it deserves the best medical care for every part of its body, teeth included.