Greyhound Dog Collar

The greyhound dog collars unique design will keep your dog secure and under your control at all times. Get this collar now to stop your dog from pulling and getting loose.

The greyhound dog collar is distinct in its aspect as it offers a design relative to the structure of the greyhound's head and neck.

It keeps the dog from escaping though his collar by way of a two-loop construction as the following article illustrates.

The greyhound dog collar is designed in such a way as to prevent the greyhound whose head proves smaller than his nec from escaping through his collar and away from his lead.

The collar is placed around the dog's neck and a back loop is attached to the collar.

When the lead is applied the collar is subsequently made more taut and when walk is resumed the collar becomes less snug however not so loose the dog is able to wriggle free.

Not only is the greyhound collar worn by greyhounds it is also worn by other breeds the world over. Its unique design allows for the perfect training solution.

Once again, when the lead is pulled the collar becomes more snug and the application can be used in issuance of a command. Once normal walk is resumed, the collar becomes less snug however not loose.

Greyhound collars can be custom designed to fit around your dog's neck and persons who specialize in making the custom collars can be found all over the net.

You'll find this type of custom collar easily affordable. Also there are various materials, designs and colors used in the hand-manufacture of the product.

There are some padded varieties which can make wearing the collar extremely comfortable for your pet.

Since the greyhound collar is a training collar it has also been used to instruct show dogs for decades. In this light it has a long-standing reliable reputation.

It is not only referred to as a show collar it is also known as a Martingale.

You custom-fit the collar to your dog's neck by taking a measurement just below his ears: this is different from regular collars where the measurement is taken around the center of the dog's neck.

In taking the dimensions of the dog's neck just below the ear line you needn't run the risk of hurting puppy's throat while in the process of training.

All in all the greyhound collar is the ideal choice with respect to comfort and is an established training application.


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