Greyhound Dog Collars

The greyhound dog collars used widely across the canine world. It is used in shows, training and walking. This unique design will be easy to use and your dog will love the ease of putting it on and off.

The Greyhound dog collars also referred to as the Martingale collar and as such is an eternal favorite of show breeders.

The collar is recognized in many dog show circles and is an ideal training collar.

The Greyhound dog collars not just meant for greyhounds. The collar with its double-loop design was originally designed for the Greyhound.

It provided a way for the owner to pull on the lead through its double-loop design, in effect tightening the collar so the dog would not escape through his or her collar.

The greyhound has a head that is smaller than its neck so the Martingale collar proved effective in that it prevented him or her from getting away.

The collar is used, once again for training purposes: the owner fastens the collar around the dog’s neck and upon issuing a command the double-loop design makes the collar fit more snuggly at the top of the dog’s neck.

Once the instruction is obeyed, and the walk is resumed the collar becomes less fitted and more comfortable.

In this way, the dog is able to realize a relationship with respect to the snugness of the collar and the issuance of the command.

The collar offers no harm to the dog’s neck, even when the lead is pulled taut. In fact it is fitted to fall just beneath the canine’s ears.

The location of the collar, if placed around the dog’s neck properly will not harm his or her throat. The collar comes in an array of materials and designs.

It can be custom-made in nylon with ribbon overlays or constructed in the best of English saddle leather.

The inside in many instances with respect to the nylon variety is padded with silk or flannel linings in order that the canine receives the best in snuggly comfort.

For the canine allergic to nylon collars the English bridle strand of leather can be a viable choice.

Regardless, whatever Martingale you find preferable it has been an established choice of pet owners for years. You will be receiving a trusted training solution when selecting the time-honored Martingale.


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