Hair Loss In Cats

Lets talk about hair loss in cats. Unless you have a hairless cat, your cat probably has a lot of hair. Did you know that cats can sometimes suffer from hair loss? What does hair loss in cats mean? Keep reading this article to find out.

Hair loss is also known as alopecia. This problem occurs in people, rabbits, dogs and cats. it is actually a pretty common problem that cats experience.

Alopecia can occur in different ways. Some cats may have partial hair loss while others may get completely bald spots. Alopecia can also occur in different patterns. The most noticeable symptom of alopecia in cats is obviously hair loss. Where the hair loss is occurring you may also notice redness, scabs and sometimes bumps on the skin.

Hair loss in cats can be caused by various things. Most cases of alopecia in cats is the result of cancer, parasitic infections, allergies, hormonal imbalances, and nervous disorders. In cases where nervous disorders can be blamed, it is actually the cat that is causing the hair loss. Nervous disorders can make a cat over groom itself to the point where its loses hair. Sometimes heredity can actually cause hair loss in cats too.

If you notice any hair loss in your cat that is more than just normal shedding you should contact your veterinarian. A veterinarian can run various tests to determine the exact cause of hair loss in your cat. Once the cause is determined you can effectively treat it. Medication and behavioral therapy may be the most effective treatment options depending on the cause of your cat's hair loss.

Many pet disorders are treatable, so it's good that you can treat alopecia in cats, however, there really aren't that many different treatments available. In most cases the cat can be given medication orally or have a topical ointment applied to them. Besides that there isn't very much that you or your veterinarian can do.

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