Hair Loss in Guinea Pigs

There are various reasons for hair loss in guinea pigs .If you have pet guinea pigs and you notice that they have bald patches, you may become worried. Is their hair falling out? There is an explanation. This article will discuss hair loss in guinea pigs and what you can do.

Bald patches or hair loss in guinea pigs can be caused by a few different things, but it is commonly caused by barbering or self-barbering. Barbering is actually a behavioral issue not a health issue. It is when guinea pigs pull out or chew the hair on each other because of conflict. Often if an adult and juvenile guinea pig have a conflict they will do this. It also occurs between two conflicted males. Some guinea pigs self-barber because of stress.

Symptoms of hair loss in guinea pigs is obviously missing hair or bald patches. Other symptoms may include bite marks, bruises, and inflammation. These are usually characteristics of barbering, not hair loss that is a caused by health issues.

To determine exactly what is causing your guinea pig to lose hair, you should take your pet to the veterinarian. An examination and tests should determine what the cause is and a veterinarian can give you the proper treatment options depending on the cause.

In most causes hair loss can be explained by barbering, however sometimes there can be a health issue. Hair loss in guinea pigs can also be caused by dietary issues, metabolism problems, and genetics. Some guinea pigs may just lose some hair as they age. Vitamin and mineral supplements and diet improvements can help with dietary deficiencies. If metabolism problems are to blame, medication can be prescribed. To prevent barbering you will have to monitor and train your guinea pigs or separate them. If a guinea pig is self-barbering make changes that will allow the animal to be less stressed.

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