Hair Loss in Rabbits

Hair loss in rabbits, is it a common thing?

Hair loss is sometimes a natural things that occurs in humans and animals with age, however hair loss can also be the sigh of a bigger health problem. This article will focus on hair loss in pet rabbits.

Hair loss is called alopecia. Alopecia can be complete hair loss or it may just be lack of hair or thinning hair in some spots. Hair loss in rabbits is actually fairly common, although it tends to be a symptom of another disorder. All breeds of rabbits can experience hair loss and it doesn't matter what age or sex they are either.

Obviously a symptom of alopecia is loss of hair. Depending on what is the underlying cause of alopecia, rabbits may have other symptoms as well. If you notice your rabbit is losing hair and is also acting strangely the alopecia could be the result of an infection. Any changes in appearance or behavior in a pet should not be ignored. These changes are the only way for a pet owner to notice that something is wrong.

Take your pet rabbit to the veterinarian if something appears to be wrong. Veterinarians have the knowledge and ability to run tests that can diagnose exactly what is wrong with your pet. With alopecia, a veterinarian can sometimes determine the cause by the amount of hair loss and what pattern the hair loss has occurred in.

Causes of hair loss in rabbits include infections, protein deficiencies, and tumors. Sometimes the hair loss is actually barbering, when the rabbit or another rabbit chews on or pulls out the hair. Also, some breeds of rabbits have natural shedding processes, so be aware of these.

There are different treatment options available depending on what the cause of the hair loss is. With a diagnosis from a veterinarian, you will be able to treat your pet and they should be able to recover.

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