Hamsters and Vitamin E Deficiency

Let's talk about hamsters and vitamin E deficiency. You love you furry little friend, but you may not be providing him with a proper diet. Many pet owners think they are giving their pet the right food, but sometimes pet foods actually lack important ingredients. If your hamster has an improper diet they may be suffering from a vitamin E deficiency. This article will discuss this deficiency and how you can treat and prevent it.

What's the big deal with vitamin E? Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps protect your hamster's cells and membranes. If your hamster has a vitamin E deficiency then it's more likely to get disorders such as anemia and mastitis. Anemia is a condition in which there is a decrease in red blood cells and mastitis is inflammation or infection in the breast area.

Vitamin E deficiencies in hamsters are caused by improper diet such as a diet lacking vitamin E or a diet that contains excess fat. It is most commonly found in pregnant or young hamsters.

Symptoms of a vitamin E deficiency in hamsters include  joint stiffness, muscle paralysis and the hamster may appear lethargic or lame. In pregnant hamsters a vitamin E deficiency cause lead to stillborn babies. It can also cause the baby hamsters' spines or brains to be swollen with blood. Pregnant hamsters are more prone to have vitamin E deficiencies so if you plan on breeding be careful and make sure your hamster has a proper diet.

If you think that your hamster may have this deficiency then you should contact your veterinarian. Your veterinarian can determine changes that you need to make in your hamsters diet. They may also supplements to help get your hamster back to full health.

If you provide your hamster with a well-balanced, nutritional diet that is appropriate for hamsters than you can easily avoid them from ever having a vitamin E deficiency.

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