Having Healthy Kittens 101

Let's discuss about having healthy kittens 101. Kittens are fun and adorable pets. With all the excitement of bringing home a new furry friend, you may forget to do your research. This article offers the basic tips for giving your kitten a bright start from the first day it enters your home.

Whenever the first couple weeks of owning your kitten schedule an appointment with a local veterinarian. Getting a check up early allows you to find out about any healthy problems it might have. Your veterinarian can also make sure your kitten doesn't have worms or fleas. If it does they can offer you the appropriate treatments. Cats can get pregnant at a young age, so you will also want to discuss spaying or neutering your new pet. Most new pets should be given the appropriate immunizations to keep it safe and healthy.

While at your veterinarian's make sure you ask them any questions that you may have. They can give you advice on healthy food, litter box training, etc. The best food for cats is organic. Don't feed your kitten food that is full of fillers and by-products. You should also give your kitten both dry and wet cat food.

Give your kitten a comfortable place to sleep and make sure it knows where the litter box is in its new home. It may take them a little awhile to become litter box trained, but try to keep them close to their litter box so they can get to it quickly.

The best part about raising a healthy kitten is playing with it. Spend time with your kitten every day. It creates a bond with your new pet and keeps them happy. Plus, playing is a way to keep your kitten in shape and healthy. Playing with your kitten will create a happy and playful adult cat.

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