Having Hedgehogs as Pets

Having hedgehogs as pets can be very interesting. This article offers basic information on hedgehogs so you can decide if you'd like one as a pet of not. Be aware that hedgehogs aren't legal to have as pets in all states, so check your state laws first.

If you know what a hedgehog is you know that they are not soft and fluffy, they are covered with spines. Hedgehogs are nocturnal pets like hamsters. They are fairly small, when they curl up they are about the same size as a baseball. However, there are two different types that vary in size. African Hedgehogs usually weigh about one pound while European Hedgehogs weigh about two pounds.

All pets are prone to certain health issues. Hedgehogs are prone to have things such as parasites, and respiratory diseases. With any pet that you get there is a chance that they will end up with parasites, disease, or illness. No human or animal is perfect and there's no way to know what health problems can arise in the future.

Also similar to hamsters, hedgehogs like to burrow under things where they hide and sleep during the day. Hedgehogs are very interesting animals. They are cute, but have spines so they're not a pet for petting and cuddling. They can curl up, climb trees, and even swim. Hedgehogs are quite playful and adventurous so make sure you get a habitat that is large enough to allow them to explore and have fun. Provide a hedgehog with logs, brush, or rocks that they can climb, and hide in or under.

Hedgehogs also have an interesting diet. They will eat dry dog food, crickets, worms, as well as fruits and vegetables. Don't feed hedgehogs grubs from your backyard. Purchase worms and crickets at a pet store. If you feed them ones from your yard, they are more likely to get a parasitic infection. You don't know how healthy creatures in your yard are.

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