If You Want To Keep Your Cat Happy, Read This Article and Buy a Heated Cat Bed Now!

In this article, you will read about the important items to consider when purchasing a heated cat bed for your feline.

Cats like warm places and will sleep in areas where they can get warm and comfy, such as near fireplaces, sunny windows and even on top of your head when you're in bed. If you keep missing your cat around the house, chances are he or she is out someplace sleeping in a warmer corner of your house or garden.

If you want to keep your cat in one place, it's probably time to get her a heated cat bed. These are great gifts for your feline friend and will be greatly appreciated especially during the winter months. Heated cat beds are also recommended for ailing or older cats or those with hip or joint problems.

Tips for buying heated cat beds
Look for a reliable heater unit. Some units are battery-powered, so there's not a lot of concern there, but there are some which are powered by electricity. If this happens to be your choice for a heated cat bed, check if it is UL and CUL listed to ensure maximum safety.

Choose soft materials or fabrics that your cat will like. Plush materials like wool or fleece will do nicely and keep your cat coming back to her bed again and again.

Look for designs that are smooth with orthopedic bottoms or those that have indented centers to provide a cozier feel.

Cup-shaped heated cat beds are a hit with cats too, because even the walls can radiate warmth, ensuring your cat an all-around source of heat as long as it stays in bed.

Easy cleaning
Look for a heated cat bed that allows you to wash and dry conveniently. This is important for cat hygiene, since sometimes, vacuuming the bed may not be enough. Also, the bed will need to dry immediately, to prevent fungus and mold growth. Look for beds where the heater can be removed or the fabric can be peeled off and thrown into the washer.

Most products come with one-year warranties. Be sure to ask what parts or service are included in the warranties before making your purchase.

Simple does it
Cats don’t appreciate too much frou-frou. We do, but what we think could be cute and stylish may mean a choking hazard to your cat. Worse, he might ingest it and cause a blockage in his intestines.

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Products to check out
Super Thermo Kitty Sill heated cat bed. Shaped like a cup, it's a great way to surround your pet cat with warmth to keep him comfortable any time of the day or night. This product can be attached to a windowsill so kitty can watch the winter view outside, safe within your home. It's also strong enough to be used by several cats at a time and has plush 4-inch high soft walls to keep your cat safe and comfortable.

PetStreetMall.com's Heated Kitty Sill can also surround your cat with warmth and maintain the temperature at a comfy 102 degrees. It features an orthopedic foam bottom to ensure that your cat is comfortable. The heater is removable, so your cat can still keep his bed even during warm summer months.

Cozywinter's Thermo Kitty Bed is a great choice for aging cats and can also help relax active ones. The heated cat bed uses a four-watt heater and features dual thermostats. It uses power efficiently, since it only heats up when the cat is occupying the bed. It's UL listed and the heater is removable for easy cover cleaning.

For comfort outdoors, try Lectro-Soft Outdoor heated cat bed. Using low wattage, this cat bed is perfect for basements, porches, sheds, garages and cat houses. It's weather-proof so it can withstand outside elements and the thermostat control ensures that it only heats up to 102 degrees when the cat is lying on it.

Turn any bed into a comfortable heated cat bed with microwaveable bed warmers. Made of soft, fleecy or plush material, these rectangular-shaped materials can be popped into a microwave, heated for a few minutes and placed snugly into your cat's regular bed. It can stay warm for up to 12 hours, is easy to clean and wash and made with non-toxic materials, so you can be sure nothing harms your pet.

A 9"x9" will fit a regular or small-sized bed while the larger 9"x19" will be just right for a bigger cat bed.

Also a good bet, K&H Manufacturing's Thermo Kitty Mat, ideal for any place including your cat's bed. It has a dual thermostat heater that can keep a comfortable 102 degrees to keep your cat warm and cozy for as long as he wants. The built-in heater unit is removable, so the outside foam can be machine washed safely. For use indoors only and comes with a limited warranty for one year.

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