A heated pet bed will keep your pet warm, happy, and healthy

A heated pet bed can keep your pet warm and comfortable, even when the weather is miserable. You can purchase an indoor bed or a heated outdoor pet bed, but the idea remains the same. Keep your animal warm when the temperature is too low.

There are also heated pet pads available. Unlike a bed, a pet pad is really just a flat, warm surface. Most pets relax on these beds, but they tend not to sleep on them. Unlike heated pet beds, they are really meant to provide hit-and-run warmth in places where it isn’t always warm. Therefore, pads are great for dog houses, garages, basements, and porches.

You can turn a pet pad into a pet bed using a cover. This offers flexibility as the seasons change since covers can be used for beds, without the heating. Good pet pad covers are soft, fluffy, and very comfortable. A good cover will act as a magnet, pulling in your dog or cat. In short, a pad can be converted to a bed pretty easily.

By the way, you can turn your heated bed into a designer bed or luxury bed using different covers. There are several cover styles available but we generally recommend the basic covering options.

As we talk about below, you don’t want to mess with the integrity of a heated pet bed. Keep it simple and it will last longer. We think that this is a situation where touch and feel is more important than good looks.

Top quality pads and heated pet beds will be durable. They will last long, even after many washings or cleanings. Don’t bother with a product unless it includes a reasonable warranty, especially from the manufacturer. You want satisfaction while your pet wants comfort!

The warmth from a pad or bed must be appropriate for your pet. For example, some heated dog beds will keep the temperature at about 102 degrees when your pet lies on it. This is an important matter of safety. Please don’t ignore this advice.

If the heat is too high, you will harm your dog pet. You want to approximately match the temperature of your pet. If the heated pet bed temperature is too high, the bed will cause blistering and hair loss. In other words, human heating pads are not good for pets. Please don’t cut corners.

Heated pet products should be Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) recognized. UL is the trusted source of product compliance across the entire world. The internal components should be high quality and properly approved.

Similarly, make sure the power cord is tough and prevents chewing. Steel spring wrapped cord is usually a good answer. The power unit should run on standard household current. When it comes to electricity, exotic is the wrong answer.

Heated beds should not be covered with additional padding or blankets. You don’t want to hold in the heat since it can damage the internal components. A thick blanket might be cozy and comfortable, but it can cause thermal issues and ruin the internal thermostat. The bottom line is that the heat should radiate and the bed should be allowed to adjust itself as needed.

As a quick side note, you can often purchase thermostatic controls for heated pet pads and beds. In plain terms, this means that the bed will regulate its own temperature so that you don’t have to fiddle with it. These controls are a great investment, especially if you need to lower the temperature. Puppies, kittens, elderly pets, and sick pets generally require lower temperatures. However, to get the offical medical answers, be sure to talk to your veterinarian.

Like other beds, pads, and blankets, you should be able to find products in various sizes. As we have said before, it is a good idea to get the right size. If you are going to make an error in judgment, get the larger size. Bigger is generally better when it comes to bedding.

To wrap it up, if your pet needs a warm place to sleep or rest, consider a pad or heated pet bed. Get something specifically designed to provide your pet with a comfortable experience. Go for quality. Go for durability. Go for a warm, wonderful, cozy bed. Your pet will love you for it!

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