Helping Reptiles Shed

Let's talk more about helping reptiles shed their skin.

Reptiles shed their old skin for new skin. This is a natural process, but there are some things a reptile can do to aid the process and ensure there are no difficulties. Sometimes reptiles do experience abnormal shedding in which some skin doesn't shed. This can cause infections and other health problems, but it can easily be avoided.

Reptile owners shouldn't help pull off a reptile's shedding skin unless leaving it on is endangering the reptile's health. There are a lot of ways to a pet owner to help with shedding without even touching the reptile.

The first thing to do is to increase humidity. Extra humidity helps skin come off easier. One way to do this is to put damp moss in your reptile's tank. The moss should be sprayed everyday in an effort to create more humidity. The dampness of the air helps skin shed more easily.

Placing a shallow bath in with your reptile can also help them. The snake or lizard can soak in the bath and the skin will soften and peel off. Another way to aid the shedding process is to add extra things in your reptile's tank for them to rub off. If you add more rocks, bark, etc. snakes and other reptiles can rub on them and peel the skin off.

Some reptiles will actually eat their old skin. Don't be alarmed if this happens. The skin actually contains nutrients which can be healthy for a reptile. Once your pet is done shedding, they will have new, beautiful skin.

If your reptile's skin isn't coming off. They may have a shedding abnormality. This is fairly common. Sometimes pieces of skin don't shed. If pieces of skin don't shed they can cause infections and some pieces of skin are tight around a toe or a reptile's tail and can cut off their circulation. If this is happening. Have your reptile soak in a bath and then carefully peel the old skin away.

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