Helping Your Pooch with Arthritis Pain

Let's discuss helping your pooch with arthritis pain. Man's best friends can suffer from the same things as humans. One of those things include arthritis. Arthritis affects joints and can be very painful for man and animal. If you have arthritis you can take medication and do exercise to help. If your dog has arthritis, they don't know what to do so it is your job to help them. After reading this article will have some ideas of how you can help your dog live a healthy life even with arthritis.

Arthritis is when the cartilage of a joint experiences wear and tear. If the cartilage erodes and the bones of a joint rub against each other. This can cause further damage and pain. Unfortunately, there is no cure for arthritis however you can treat it to have less pain and prevent further damage. So, how can you do that for your dog?

Keep your dog warm during the colder months because arthritis tends to be more painful when there are cold temperatures. Doggie sweaters are a good idea for when your dog has to go outside or if your house is drafty. Talk to your veterinarian able medications that are available.

Corticosteroids or anti-inflammatory medication won't cure arthritis but they can help with your dogs symptoms. Injectable medications that help to repair cartilage may help if your dog has a severe case of arthritis. Many humans with arthritis take supplements to help manage their pain so you can try doggie supplements.

Treatments such as massage and exercise can help as well. Talk to your veterinarian about pet massages and see if there are any classes in your area. You could also research it in books or online. Exercise such as swimming is also great for arthritic dogs. It keeps them active, but swimming doesn't require them to put any weight on stressed joints.

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