Hernias in Cats

Let's discuss about hernias in cats. You've probably heard of someone having a hernia, but did you know that your cat could have a hernia? This article will discuss hernias in cats including the symptoms and possible causes.

What is a hernia? It's actually when part of an organ protrudes through an opening in the body,/b>. For example, in cats a hernia may occur when part of a cat's stomach goes through a gap where the food pipe joins with the animal's stomach. If you've ever known someone with a hernia, you may have seen one. You can actually see where the organ protrudes, it creates a bulge or bump. Hernias can be quite painful.

How can you tell if a cat has a hernia? Symptoms of hernias in cats include coughing, vomiting, shortness of breath, lack of appetite and weight loss as well as excessive drooling. A protrusion of your cat' stomach as well as inflammation are also noticeable if a cat has a hernia.

There are various things that can cause a hernia. They are typically caused by some sort of trauma or they can be congenital. If you suspect that your cat may have a hernia you should take them to a veterinarian. A physical examination as well as x-rays may be done. If your veterinarian determines that your cat does have a hernia, they will also discuss treatment options with you.

In cats medication may be prescribed or your veterinarian may simply recommend that you feed your cat smaller food portions more frequently and also use food that is low-fat. This helps decrease the chance of your cat's stomach protruding and creating a hernia again in the future. in some cases surgery may help prevent your cat from getting hernias again by closing up the opening so the stomach cannot protrude. Discuss treatment options with your veterinarian to determine the best one for your cat.

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