Home Remedies for Doggie Ailments

Let's talk about home remedies for doggie ailments.

Dogs need some care for common ailments just like everyone else, but before you run off to the pet store, you should try some home remedies for your beloved pooch.

Dogs tend to be itchy sometimes, for various reasons. If your dog doesn't have any coat or skin disorders and simply needs something to soothe its itchy and irritated skin then there are a few home remedies that will stop the annoying itching. The first home remedy uses oatmeal. Take baby oatmeal or grind your regular oatmeal and stir it into a warm bath. This is great for skin irritation, skin allergies, or quick relief for your dog if they do have a health issue causing their itch.

If your dog is itchy because of dry skin, try soaking your pooch in a bath with vitamin E added to the water. You can also apply vitamin E right onto your dogs skin and massage it. Soothe your dog's skin and say goodbye to your dog rubbing on all the furniture and carpet.

For dogs that are rough and tough and often have unexplained wounds, scrapes, swelling, etc there are also great home remedies. To treat these types of ailments try putting your dog in a warm bath with Epsom salt. It heals wounds heal faster and reduces swelling. You can also treat wounds with a homemade doggie heat pack instead of a bath. Simply put the Epsom salt and water solution on a clean towel and apply it to the affected area.

As a dog owner you are probably all too familiar with fleas. Instead of calling the exterminator and trying all kinds of flea products, there are simply and inexpensive things you can try first. You can sprinkle borax powder on your floor and vacuum up any excess. Borax powder kills fleas. To treat the fleas on your dog, pour boiling water over lemons. Let it sit over night, and then put in a spray bottle and apply to your dog. Citrus helps repel fleas and it makes your dog smell great.

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