Home Remedies For Dogs

Dogs can sometimes feel under the weather just like us. Next time your pooch needs a pick me up, you can help them feel better with stuff you already have in your kitchen. This article will offer tips on various home remedies for dogs.

Does your dog have dry skin? A great way help treat it is to apply vitamin E oil to their skin and massaging it in. You can also put some vitamin E oil into your dog's bath water so they can get clean and help get rid of their dry skin.

You've heard of Gatorade and other sports waters, you may even drink them. Electrolyte-replacing drinks are great for athletes, and also for rehydrating after dealing with a sickness. Did you know this is also true for your dog. If your pooch has been vomiting and diarrhea, one of these drinks is great for giving them fluids that they need. Consult with your veterinarian on how much you can give, depending on the weight and breed of your dog.

If you love drinking soothing chamomile tea, then you should know that it can also help your dog. Chamomile tea can be given to dogs to help with anxiety, gas, and upset stomachs. You can also chill some chamomile tea and spray it onto skin irritations. If your dog has an eye infection and warm tea bag can also help soothe it.

Is your dog on antibiotics? Yeast infections are a common side effect that comes with antibiotics. Puppies are also prone to yeast infections. To avoid a yeast infection you can give you dog or puppy plain yogurt. It helps to eliminate bad bacteria and in the intestines and keep good bacteria balanced. Just a little yogurt can do a lot.

Make sure you know how to safely give your dog home remedies. Consult with a veterinarian for dosage amounts. 

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