Home Remedies For Your Cat

Let's discuss about home remedies for your cat. Medicine is great, but if you only like putting natural things in your body you may want to do the same for your pets. Luckily, you can grow herbs at your house that you can use as home remedies for your kitty. After reading this article you will have an understanding of which herbs are the best for you to grow.

You may be thinking that you can't grow anything. You might not have gardening experience and you may not even have a garden, but you can still grow herbs. Herbs are easier to grow than many other plants. If you have room for an herb garden that's great, if not then you can grow them in pots on a balcony, deck, or even on a sunny window sill inside your house.

Herbs specifically for your cat include Catnip and Cat Thyme. Catnip doesn't affect all cats, but many cats do love it. his herb makes cats silly and happy. Some may just lay down while others will do some hilarious things. If your cat doesn't react to Catnip then try Cat Thyme. This herb is great for soothing nervous or stressed cats.

Herbs are great for treating many common ailments. You can use them for your cat or even for you. If you or your cat has either allergies or arthritis grow Licorice Root. This herb is a natural cortisone to sooth itchiness. It is also great for helping arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory and blood cleansing properties.

If your cat has flea problems or you want to repel insects during the summer you can use Peppermint and Rosemary as a insect repellent for your cat. These herbs can be used individually or together along to boost your usual flea treatment.

You may not want to call your cat fat or lazy, but if they are then you should try growing Valerian. This herb can boost your cat's energy. Your cat will have more energy to play and exercise which will make them healthier.  

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