Home Treatment for Kennel Cough

Can home treatment for kennel cough replace going to the vet? Some thnigs can be prevented but regular checkups and updated vaccines can also help. Read on for more information on home treatments.

As long as your dog is active, eating regularly and sleeping normally you can use any home treatment for kennel cough.

Through my research in kennel cough and what it affects there are a number of treatments you can do at home to relieve the symptoms.

Some kennel cough symptoms include a dry hacking cough which can lead to vomiting of a white foamy discharge.

This is the result of an infection and excess mucus of the trachea and bronchial tubes. Additional symptoms can include rhinitis (sinus infection) and conjunctivitis (pink eye).

In mild cases the hacking cough and white foamy discharge may be the only symptoms you see and your dog will continue to act and eat normally.

If the kennel cough worsens you may see that your dog becomes lethargic, runs a fever and starts having a yellowish or greenish discharge from their nose.

At this point you should take your dog to the vet and get him on some sort of antibiotic treatment to keep it from moving into pneumonia.

Once pneumonia sets in it is difficult for your dog to recover sufficiently to return to their normal state of activity as the disease damages the lungs.

Home treatment for kennel cough can start with simple things like running your shower for twenty minutes on the hottest water setting so that the bathroom gets steamy.

Keep your dog with you for the entire time so the humid hot air can help to alleviate the dryness and scratchiness that contributes to the cough.

Another great remedy you can try at home for kennel cough is to use raw honey either mixed with water so that your pet can drink it or apply it with a dropper so that the solution can coat your pet’s throat.

Make sure you use raw honey not the processed kind that comes in the little bear. Raw honey has natural germ fighting properties that will help to shorten your pet’s condition.

Peppermint tea by itself is a cooling and soothing way to help alleviate your pet’s cough.

The peppermint tea should be brewed as strong as possible for maximum results. Adding raw honey to the peppermint tea also works well.

Keep track of your pet’s eating habits and if there is any change get into your vet as soon as possible. It they become lethargic or are not eating it is a sign of something worse than kennel cough.


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