How Can Gerbils Get a Broken Bone?

How can gerbils get a broken bone? This is the top question that would come in the minds of gerbil owners. Let's talk about it here.

Animals can break bones just like people. One type of animal that breaks bones commonly are gerbils. This article will discuss how gerbils break and fracture bones, so you can be aware of how to prevent such injuries.

Broken bones in gerbils are usually the result of nutritional disorders, accidental falls, and getting their feet stuck in wheels and their cage. If a gerbil accidentals falls from a high spot in its cage it can break or fracture a bone.

Gerbils are also prone to attempting to climb up the inside of their cages. This can result in them falling or getting their foot stuck in between the bars leading to an injury. Not all gerbils exercise in wheels, but those that do can also injury themselves. Plastic wheels that don't have bars are safer for gerbils. Metal wheels that have bars are much easier for gerbils to slip and catch their leg in resulting in injury.

If a gerbil isn't fed the proper diet it can develop nutritional disorders. Phosphorus and calcium imbalances result in brittle bones that break or fracture much easier than the bone of a healthy gerbil. To prevent this from happening you can read the ingredients of all the food you give your gerbil and make sure they have everything your gerbil needs to stay healthy. Vitamin supplements are also available.

Even if you take precautionary measures to prevent your gerbil from getting injuries, accidents can still happen. Luckily, fractures and broken bones can be treated. It is best to take your gerbil to a veterinarian because they can make sure that your pet's bone will heal properly. If you let a bone heal on its own without any treatment, it may heal improperly and result in permanent problems for your gerbil. 

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