How Does Moving Affect Cats?

How does moving affect cats? Most people have mixed feelings about moving. It's great to get a new apartment or house. It's exciting to live some new and different. However, it can also be annoying and stressful to pack and get everything situated. How does moving affect your pets? Well if it's a hamster, it probably won't even notice, but cats and dogs are different. This article will focus on how moving affects cats.

Moving can be traumatic for a cat. They watch as everything in the house gets put in boxes and then goes out of the house. Then, they are put in a carrier and when they come of it there are in a strange house. You'd be scared if someone stuck you in an unfamiliar place and couldn't explain what was going on.

Luckily, there are things you can do to ease your cat into the new house and make the whole process less traumatic. Always keep your cat with familiar things such as its carrier, bed, toys, food bowl, litter box, toys, and anything else it may like. While you're packing up your belongings in your old home, keep your cat away from all the packing which can be confusing. Try to keep your cat in a quiet spot with all of its things. Keep it in either the first or last room that you are going to pack.

Your cat should be comfortable with its carrier or it will freak out when you put it in one for the move. It may meow and cry the whole drive to the new house or it may freak out and injury itself inside the carrier. Get one that is an appropriate size, put cat toys and a blanket inside, anything to make it comfortable and less scary.

Once you are settled in your new home, don't be afraid to let your cat check things out. Your cat needs to explore and get familiar where everything is. However, be cautious and don't let your cat outside. The yard will be strange and scary and you don't want your cat to run away.

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