How Long Does Kennel Cough Last?

How long does kennel cough last these days? Should you contact your vet immediately? Are there fast treatments for your pet? ......Read on....

Your dog has developed a dry hacking cough and sometimes vomits as well but otherwise seems to be normal.

They play just as much as they did; want to go on walks and eats the same amount of food as always.

If your dog was recently boarded or was in a dog show he may have contracted kennel cough. If you dog has kennel cough you will want to know how long does kennel cough last?

In general kennel cough will not last more than two weeks, but if you notice changed in your dog’s behavior or eating habits it is time to head to the vet for a check up and treatment plan to stop the kennel cough from progressing.

The vast majority of cases of kennel cough are not serious and usually run their course over two weeks.

As with any kind of respiratory disease younger and older dogs are more susceptible and may develop more serious complications if the condition is not treated properly.

Several viruses and bacteria can be the culprit in cases of kennel cough. We will address both the symptoms and kennel cough treatment in this article.

Some kennel cough symptoms include a dry hacking cough which can lead to vomiting of a white foamy discharge.

This is the result of an infection and excess mucus of the trachea and bronchial tubes. Additional symptoms can include rhinitis (sinus infection) and conjunctivitis (pink eye).

In mild cases the hacking cough and white foamy discharge may be the only symptoms you see and your dog will continue to act and eat normally.

If the kennel cough worsens you may see that your dog becomes lethargic, runs a fever and starts having a yellowish or greenish discharge from their nose.

At this point you should take your dog to the vet and get him on some sort of antibiotic treatment to keep it from moving into pneumonia.

If additional symptoms are present how long does kennel cough last? Depending on what the additional symptoms are the kennel cough may persist another week or two past the normal two week period.

Many people are looking for non chemical methods of treatment for kennel cough. With the growth of holistic medicine there are a number of practitioners who are applying these concepts to animal health as well.

Homeopathic and natural treatments are easier on your pet’s system.


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