How Pet Owners Can Prepare For Hurricane Season

Let's discuss how pet owners can prepare for hurricane season. Hurricane season can be very stressful if you live somewhere that is known for getting hit by hurricanes. Of course you will be worried about yourself and your home, but you will also be concerned about your pet. What type of emergency hurricane plans can you make that involve your pet? This article will explain what you can do.

The most important part is to always have a plan. Always have a plan and supplies ready. It's cliché to say, but better safe than sorry. You may not have to deal with a hurricane this year, or ever, but why not have a plan of action to make sure you and your pet are safe. You also need to stick with your plan, or having a plan becomes pointless. Your plan could be to leave at the first sign of a hurricane, to ride out the storm inside your home, or whatever you feel the right plan for you is.

Just like all parents, pet owners, and pretty much everybody should have, you should have a first aid kit or emergency kit ready. Make sure you have medicine, bandages, and various things to take care of an injury, but you should also have food and water for you and your pet. You will also need a leash and if you have a dog you may want puppy pads or if you have a cat have some emergency litter. Microchipping your pet is also a good investment, it makes it easier to find if your pet should get lost. 

Another thing to remember during hurricane season is that pets can sense your emotions. If you act panicked, your pet probably will too. If there is a hurricane warning, make sure your pet is on a leash or in its carrier. You don't want to lose your pet when you're trying to evacuate.

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