How To Build Your Own Dog Kennel

Let's talk about how to build your own dog kennel. If your furry friend's dog house is old and falling apart then it is definitely time for a new one. Your dog deserves the nicest dog house, but don't worry it doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, you can build your own dog kennel. Don't get scared, if you know how to measure, and use a drill or hammer you can do it.

You can always have a friend help or ask the employees at your local hardware store how to do things. Building your own dog kennel will take a little time, but it will save money and your pooch will be happier.

Get enough non-toxic wood to build a base and the dog house. The size of the dog house will depend on the size of your dog. A large breed dog will need a much larger dog house than a small breed. Also, get roofing material. If you want to build a fence around the dog house to create a dog kennel then you will need all the supplies for that as well.

If you don't build your dog house on a base then the dog house will probably get a lot of moisture in the wood and some water may leak in. Your dog will get wet and cold and your dog house will not last as long. A hollow platform or stilts work great for a base.

Next, assemble the dog house, flooring, walls, and door. Be sure all the nails or screws aren't sticking out. Any rough edges or protruding nails and injury your dog. When building a roof you may want to make it detachable for cleaning purposes. A detachable roof will make cleaner much easier for you.

A dog bed or blanket will probably get dirty and wet if that is your dog's bedding. Outdoor furniture cushions work best since they are comfortable, but they are made sturdy and weather resistant. Plus, they are also easy to clean.

If you want to fence in the yard near the dog house you can do it before or after you build your dog house.

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