How To Deal With Stray Cats

Let's discuss how to deal with stray cats. Unfortunately, there are a lot of stray cats everywhere you go and these poor cats can be a nuisance and cause problems for your own cats.  This article will discuss different ways to can try to deal with stray cats.

Most stray cats aren't spayed or neutered so they find other stray cats or pet cats that aren't spayed and neutered and the problem grows. There are already more than enough cats, there are too many in fact that is why shelters are full and there are still stray cats. The best thing to do is have your cat spayed or neutered.

If you find stray cats are coming around your house, make sure your cat doesn't get in fights or injured by the stray cats. Keep your cats inside if you have to. Also, you will feel bad for the stray cats, but don't feed them. When you feed stray cats, they don't go away. They will keep coming back if they know they can get food.

So, what should you do? If possible you can try to catch a stray cat and take it to a shelter, however you want to be careful because most stray cats aren't friendly and you don't know if they could have rabies or any other health issues. You should probably try calling an animal rescue shelter to come get the cat. Be aware that some shelters kill animals that don't get adopted. If you are not okay with that, you can try to find a no-kill shelter.

Also, some areas are beginning to do programs that simply catch stray cats, spay or neuter them and then simply return them. They will still be strays, but they will be alive and not adding to the population problem. Animals that are spayed or neutered are often healthier and less aggressive.

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