How To Deal With Your Cat's Aggression

Lets talk about how to deal with your cat's aggression. Unfortunately, many people take their cats to shelters because they can't handle the cat's aggressive behavior. This is something that doesn't need to happen. There is usually a reason for a cat's behavior and there are always training options. This article will explain these further.

If your cat has always been aggressive, then that might just be its personality. Not everybody can have a cheerful disposition. If your cat was once a stray or didn't have much human contact as a kitten it doesn't know how to properly interact with humans, which may cause it to act aggressively out of fear. If you got your cat from a shelter, it's hard to know what it's history is. Cats that were abused and neglected may have negative feelings for humans. Therefore, your cat may be afraid of you and think that you are going to hurt it, therefore it defends itself.

For the most part, you can fix a cat's aggression. If you are always nice to a stray or rescue cat and consistently interact with it, feed it, talk to it in a calm, soft voice, it will get used to you and realize that you don't want to hurt it. If aggression is part of your cat's personality, you can't change its personality. However, you can train it to be less aggressive. Teach it that it's not acceptable to scratch or bite you.

When trying to reinforce good behavior in pets, the best thing to do is to scold them when they are bad. If your cat is aggressive towards you say "no!" Make sure everyone in your household does this. Do not hit your cat or they will only act more aggressively. You're trying to teach that aggression is wrong, therefore if you are aggressive your message isn't getting across. You can also give your cat treats when they act appropriately.

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