How To Eliminate Cat Odor In Your Home

Do you need to know how to eliminate cat odor in your home? If you have a cat then you unfortunately know that their urine has a very strong and unappealing odor that you do not want lingering around your house. If your cat has accidents or intentionally sprays you are left with what seems to be the impossible task of eliminating that odor once and for all. This article offers tips on what you can do to eliminate the odor of cat urine in your home.

First of all, it's important to keep your cat's litter box clean. Not all litter eliminates or even covers up odors as well as you'd like them to. Therefore, to eliminate the litter box from being the source of the odor problem clean it frequently. Clean out the clumps of dirty litter daily. Every week you should completely replace all the litter with clean litter. Also, every couple week or when needed you should thoroughly clean the litter box itself. If it still smells replace the litter box because the odor may have just absorbed into it and cannot be cleaned.

If your cat has an accident outside the litter box or if your cat sprays, cleaning can be a little more difficult. To prevent your cat from spraying you should have it spayed or neutered. Many people clean up cat urine and can't figure out why it still smells. Unfortunately the cleanup has to be quite thorough. If it's on carpet be sure never to rub it in, try to absorb the urine first. There are various types of cleaning products you can use to sanitize, the trick is eliminating odor.

Research products is a good option. Find pet product websites that offer reviews. Talk to friends, family members, your veterinarian, pretty much anybody that has to clean up after a cat. Some people will simply use commercial products. Others make mixtures from things they have in their home. For example using vinegar on carpet then when dry putting baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dish liquid on the affected area can do a great job.

Never just dump bleach on your cat's urine because of the ammonia in the urine.. First, wipe up the urine then clean the area with water, soap, etc. After the area has been cleaned you can use bleach mixed with water just to make sure the odor is eliminated.

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