How To Handle The Loss of Your Beloved Pet

How to handle the loss of your beloved pet. You may often ponder about this or have actually experienced loss. This article may help in dealing with the loss of your pet.

When a pet dies it is normal to be upset and go through a mourning process. Some people may think this is silly, however, if you have a pet you either know or can imagine how difficult it would be if they were no longer there every day. After reading this article you will understanding mourning the loss of a pet and who can help you get through the difficult time.

Some people jump right into getting another pet. Now a replacement but a new pet that they can devote their time to. If someone has a new puppy to care for a play with they will be happy instead of sad or depressed. Others need time to mourn and may take a while before getting another pet if they ever do.

When a person or pet dies it is likely that you will have grief. For the most part there are stages that grieving people go through. These may not be exactly the same for everyone and people may go through them at different time. Understanding these stages can help you understand the feelings that you have having over your loss.

The first stage is shock or denial, next is pain and guilt, then anger, depression, and then finally acceptance. It is okay to be angry and depressed and it is important to understand that. During all stages of grief it can help to be surrounded by support. Support can come from many different places.

The most obvious support system that most people have is family and friends. People that understand you and knew your pet will be very understanding and sympathetic to your situation. They will be there for you if you want to talk or if you just want a shoulder to cry on. Your friends and family will even be there if you want to have a pet memorial.

If your pet was ill or was in the care of your veterinarian near or during the time of its death then your veterinarian can also help you. They will be extremely understanding. Vets are pet lovers that have to deal with death frequently.  Your vet can be there for you and help to make you feel better.

Believe it or not, you can also find a lot of support online. There are websites like that have sections on pet loss. Other websites include, and There are also online support groups. Go to a search engine and type in "cat death support group" or if you lost your dog you can type in something like "Labrador death support group."

Just remember that you are not alone when dealing with the loss of your beloved pet

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